Thursday, January 5, 2012

Modern Interior Finishing

The most common and important factor of a modern interior finishing is an even and smooth finishing of ceilings and walls. There are numerous different ways to go about it. Sometimes after the base mud coat is dried light textures can be added. Apart from gloss paint another way to produce a quality finish is by adding the stucco color to the mud.

Modern Interior FinishingIn case of remodeling and renovating old homes a new and modern finish may not be that easy due to the existing finish. Sometimes the texture of the walls and ceilings are thick and coated and it may take a number of coats of the dry wall mud to smooth the old textures. One of the easiest techniques is to simply use the spray rig or a spray hopper to spray the walls and ceilings with mud and flatten it out with a knock down knife or a flat tool. In case if a new building applying a modern finish is easier to accomplish. The framing of the new building should be checked before hanging the drywall. For any new construction it is essential to have a general idea of the desired texture so that the base can be added from the beginning.

Sometimes while thinking of redesigning an old office or home or when finishing a new building people like to choose a wood finishing. Going for wood finishing has its advantages such as the appearance of the room or rooms are enhanced and preserved. It is also easier to clean wood surfaces. The modern wood interior finishing requires a few steps that need to be followed in order to ensure quality of the finishing. The preparatory steps include stripping of old finishing, bleaching, sanding and sealing. These steps are followed by staining, grain filling, glazing and coating. These steps need to be carefully and professionally performed in order for the wood finishing being presentable as well as durable.

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